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Yoga means -union of the finite with the infinite, of the human with the divine-. Kundalini Yoga it is an Ancestral Technology that applies kriyas (series of postures and dynamic exercises), pranayamas (breathing techniques), mudras (hand gestures), and deep relaxation; enhanced with the use of mantras and meditation, to balance all the dimensions of the Human Being.
It is an energetic Yoga that combines the energies of the brain, the nervous system and the glandular system (as the main regulators of other systems) to awaken the Kundalini Energy, which is the Divine Creative Energy, that resides potentially in each Human Being. This energy, mythologically it is represented as a serpent of light, which asleep rests coiled 3 times and a half at the base of the spine, our Nabbhi Chakra. When through practice it awakens, it rises in a spiral form through the main Nadis (energy channels) along the spinal column, balancing the Chakras (main energy centers) and awakening us to our greatest potential, the divine creative consciousness .

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, you can increase your vital energy, improve concentration, memory and quality of sleep, releasing tensions and reducing stress, regulating natural physiological rhythms, achieving a better management of your emotions, learn to calm down, listen to your heart, and from there, relate healthily with yourself and with others.

«En mis clases creamos una sinergia, potenciando el efecto de la Kriya, utilizando los Sonidos sagrados y sanadores de cuencos de cuarzo, didjeridoo, tambores, sakuhachi (flauta zen), canto armónico, gong, sonidos de la naturaleza, etc., y así limpiamos con más facilidad nuestro cuerpo físico, mental y emocional. Esto crea el mejor estado para disponernos a meditar.»

Until not long ago, this discipline was restricted only to advanced yogis and high castes in northern India. It was in the year 1968, that Yogi Bhajan decided to bring this knowledge to the West claiming that it could not be just for a few, but that everyone could benefit from this wonderful technique. In 1970, he founded the organization Healthy (Sana), Happy (Happy), Holy (Santa) Organization (3HO) to spread these teachings. He then founded the KRI, Kundalini Research Institute, an institute that watches over the integrity and purity of the Kundalini Yoga and Humanology Teachings.
Today, thanks to his efforts, Kundalini Yoga is practiced by almost ten thousand people in 31 countries, with the 3HO Foundation being the largest yoga teaching organization in the world.

Encourage yourself to live your own experience, awaken your creative potential and change your habits for a more active, happy, healthy and conscious life. No previous experience is required, only your intention to discover yourself through your highest presence.

Kundalini is the energy of the Cosmos in the individual and beyond it. It is the energy of consciousness. By increasing your flow, your mind awakens and becomes stronger. You stop living in imaginary realities and you take care of the tasks and joys of life.
Yogui Bhajan

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