Pablo M. Robles
Pablo M. RoblesRebirthing Instructor, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Vibrational Therapist, Reiki, VortexHealing®, Musician and Musical Producer
As a child he always had inclinations toward physical activity, music and the spiritual, taking his first steps, by family heritage, in the Catholic Church.
At age 21, he traveled to Italy and the Vatican City, a trip that brought down many of his structures and beliefs and undertook a search for answers to unanswered questions so far. After his first astrological birth chart reading, he opened his exploration to Past Life Therapy, Alchemy, Reiki, Buddhism and Bach Flowers, and renewed his studies in drums and percussion.
This exploration was the trigger to make very important life and career changes that were the evolution of his current path. He started giving Reiki sessions.
At age 26 he got a degree in musical production from the School of Music of Buenos Aires. He continued his training in Biosónica, Sound Therapy and Percussion. He gave up his 8-year job at a multinational company to take time for meditation, meditation and research and practice on sound.

At the end of 2006, as part of a trip to the north of Argentina, he has a mystical experience of very deep connection with the Virgin of Guadalupe and creates the Project We Are One to make a documentary touring LatinoAmércia, gathering the devotional and inspired music of the Great Spirit in all its diverse expressions, cults and prayers.
As a result of a time of recovering his energetic power and awakening his gifts and talents, he created Proyecto VibrA, a platform to awaken awareness through Sound, Healing and Meditation. One year after traveling through various parts of the country giving presentations with the project, he was named Ambassador of Peace for the PEA and Mil Millennia of Peace Foundations.
After a time of study and intense practice, he trained as an instructor of Kundalini Yoga and began teaching. Then he integrated his services to the awakening of consciousness creating the organization CrisolTierra. He created the VibrA Party, a celebration through music, art and without smoke, without alcohol and without shoes.
At age 28 he began his study of time through the Mayan cosmovision that continues until now.

Two years later, he met for the first time with his spiritual master Sri Prem Baba, who dictated an intensive retreat of spirituality. He produced his first album with the Dharma group and retired to live more in contact with nature in Bariloche, where he recorded and produced the first therapeutic album of Proyecto VibrA. He also trained as Rebirthing Therapist and integrated that learning into his therapeutic sessions.
Nowadays he continues to travel and expand the VibrA Project throughout the country, in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. In his place of residence and where he conducts his tours, he continues to provide individual therapeutic sessions, integrating Sound, Reiki, VortexHealing®, Yoga, Rebirthing; giving special Kundalini Yoga classes; and also provides training to learn to play quartz bowls and on the integral awareness of sound from their own method.

Daniela Armocida
Daniela ArmocidaBachelor in Advertising oriented to Conscious Communication
While pursuing his university studies, he decided to turn his dedication towards the social sector. He works in an NGO for 2 years that gives him a clearer perspective and then creates DALEQUEVA Conscious Communication. A communication study dedicated to all those projects that aim to awaken the conscience, the welfare of all, the public good.
Since 2009 she is in charge of the communication of CrisolTierra.
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