Integral Therapy with Sound

Utilizando en sinergia varias herramientas como la Música, la SonoTerapia de la naturaleza, los cuencos de cuarzo, los cuencos tibetanos, didjeridoo, tambores, la voz, flautas; combinados con Reiki (energía universal); VortexHealing®, Gemas; con Aromas; Meditaciones específicas y Ejercicios Yóguicos.

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It is a technique of personal transformation very loving and quick, that allows you to recognize, illuminate and transform what prevents you from being happy, having inner peace ...

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Holistic system of energy healing that channels divine light and consciousness to heal the body, transform emotional patterns and awaken the True Self.

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Limpieza VibrAcional del Espacios

Using the high and pure vibration of the Quartz Bowls, in synergy with Universal Energy (Reiki) and VortexHealing®, applying smoked and the power of the word ...

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